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Spoopy Movie Month 2023

Posted on:October 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM

As I love horror movies & Halloween: every October (aka Halloween Month) I “watch” a slew of horror movies.

DALL-E Generated Spoopy Halloween Movie Image

Autumn is my favorite season and my favorite time of year. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Halloween month is my favorite month. You get it, yeah?

Watching a bunch of spoopy movies this time of year has been a tradition for most of my life. Recording these lists on spreadsheets started many years ago with a good friend who has since passed out of my life, but I continue the practice. I now have many years of spreadsheets collecting all the horror movies I watched each year. One year was just 100% Netflix and another year I watched almost exclusively old horror movies. This year hasn’t had a theme, I’ve just sort of watched things.

I don’t actually watch all of them, in a lot of cases these are movies that I’ve already seen and I just turn them on, glancing at them occasionally and listening to them. It’s comforting.

This year I’ve run a lot of movies in a quest for some feeling normalcy.

🎃👻🤡☠️DateTitleYearMy Rating
1Sep 30The Wrath of Becky20237/10
2Oct 1Talk to Me20239/10
3Oct 1Skinamarink20223/10
4Oct 2Insidious20108/10
5Oct 2Insidious 220137/10
6Oct 2Smile20229/10
7Oct 2The Meg20186/10
8Oct 3Chernobyl Diaries20126/10
9Oct 3The Descent20088/10
10Oct 3Leatherface20177/10
11Oct 4Body at Brighton Rock20196/10
12Oct 4The Bogeyman20239/10
13Oct 5Insidious: Chapter 320157/10
14Oct 5Insidious: The Last Key20186/10
15Oct 6Scream VI20229/10
16Oct 6Totally Killer20238/10
17Oct 6The Empty Man20207/10
18Oct 7No One Gets Out Alive20218/10
19Oct 7The Meg 2: The Trench20236/10
20Oct 8Fresh20227/10
21Oct 8X20229/10
22Oct 9Pearl20229/10
23Oct 9Infinity Pool20236/10
24Oct 10Scream (5 - 2022)20228/10
25Oct 10Halloween Ends20226/10
26Oct 10The Gate19876/10
27Oct 11Scream 420116/10
28Oct 12Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark20198/10
29Oct 13Friday the 13th198010/10
30Oct 13Friday the 13th Part 219817/10
31Oct 13Friday the 13th Part 319826/10
32Oct 13Friday the 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter19847/10
33Oct 13Friday the 13th Part 5 A New Beginning19855/10
34Oct 14Werewolves Within20218/10
35Oct 14Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives19865/10
35Oct 14Haunted Mansion20237/10
36Oct 15Slotherhouse20234/10
37Oct 15Exists20147/10
38Oct 16Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood19885/10
39Oct 16Trick r’ Treat20078/10
40Oct 17Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan19895/10
41Oct 17The Babadook201410/10
42Oct 17The Offering20225/10
43Oct 18Scream 320005/10
44Oct 18Scream 219978/10
45Oct 19Scream199610/10
46Oct 19Monster House20068/10
47Oct 20Insidious (5) The Red Door20237/10
48Oct 20Terrifier20165/10
49Oct 21Oracle20238/10
50Oct 21Lights Out20167/10
51Oct 22Critters19866/10
52Oct 22Terrifier 220223/10
53Oct 23Species19955/10
54Oct 23ParaNorman20129/10
55Oct 23Cobwebs20236/10
56Oct 24Drag Me to Hell20096/10
57Oct 24Disco Inferno (Short)20236/10
58Oct 25The Black Phone20218/10
59Oct 25Pyewacket20177/10
60Oct 26Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloween20228/10
61Oct 26Night of the Living Dead19688/10
62Oct 27Tales of Halloween20154/10
63Oct 27Five Nights at Freddy’s20237/10
64Oct 27Hotel Transylvania20127/10
65Oct 27The Nun20186/10
66Oct 27The Nun II20236/10
67Oct 29Hocus Pocus19938/10
68Oct 29Hocus Pocus 220227/10
69Oct 29Barbarian20229/10
70Oct 29Mama20138/10
71Oct 30Deliver Us from Evil20147/10
72Oct 30The Old Ways20208/10
73Oct 31Midsommar201910/10
74Oct 31Hereditary201910/10

A Few Notes:

Score Relativity

How do these scores relate to each other? How are movies like The Curse of Crom, Night of the Living Dead, and Trick r’ Treat all rated 8/10? Because these scores are all arbitrary based on how much I like the the movie and not based on some complex scoring system. I, more or less, just rate them based on how much I like them or what they are. Animated and family movies are, of course, not really comparable to Terrifier, for instance.

Scream Franchise in Reverse?

You may notice that I’ve watched the Scream movies in reverse.

You may wonder: why the hell would you do that?

That’s a fantastic question and the answer is simply that I watched the most recent movie before deciding that I would watch the entire franchise again so I figured: why not do it in reverse?

It’s actually been really interesting to experience them in reverse order, it hearing the call backs and then seeing them later has been kind of fun in a way I didn’t expect.

Scream remains my favorite horror franchise.

Original Friday the 13th

I made an effort to get through the original Paramount run of Friday the 13th Movies on Friday the 13 since it was the first Friday the 13th in October since 2006. I only managed to run through 5 and didn’t really watch much of those as it was a rather busy Friday for me.

Since then I have “watched” 6 through 8 and they are just so terrible. 😂

Still a super fun franchise, though.

The first 2 remain the best.

Like Scream (and a variety of other franchises)

X & Pearl (and Infinity Pool)

I really enjoyed X and Pearl. Ti West is an excellent horror auteur. Inn Keepers remains pretty high on my list of favorite horrors.

I also watched Infinity Pool, which had more of a David Lynch vibe than I was expecting, but has officially given me my fill of Mia Goth. I don’t need to see Mia Goth in any more movies for a while.

Terrifier and Terrifier 2

They’re terrible. The awful. I regret re-watching the first and the second was just dumb. Don’t even bother.

I would watch the original short, though, because I’ve not seen it and figure I might as well.

The Insidious Franchise

These movies have grown on me a bit over the years. While I firmly think the first two are the best (and that they’re not great though), the other movies are still a fair bit of fun and I found myself enjoying the entire series much more than I’d expected.

Perfect 10s

There are some excellent movies that I really love on this list. I accept that horror movies will inevitably have plot holes, issues, illogical bits, but I might still rate them a 10. Scream, The Babadook, the original Friday the 13th - these are all just “perfect” horror movies to me.

Ari Aster

I capped the month with Midsommar and Hereditary. These movies stand alone as such uniquely twisted bits of artistic film making. They are visceral, dark, and horrifying. Both of these movies are so uniquely structured, gorgeously shot, extravagantly brutal.

I have been waiting for Ari’s follow-up to his one-two punch in 2018 and 2019.

His work is incredible!

This year we got Beau is Afraid; a 3 hour horror comedy about an anxious man’s experience following the death of his mother. Its plot on IMDb contains the word Kafkaesque. I’m excited and nervous to see it.

Other Thoughts?

I have many, and perhaps when I come back to finish this post I’ll share them- or not. I’ve run over 70 movies and that’s a lot of thoughts to share.

I tend to jot down my thoughts on each viewing as well, and perhaps I’ll add them to this post as well.

Or maybe not