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Cannot Not Helldivers

Posted on:April 19, 2024 at 03:46 AM

Helldivers 2 Shame

For the Record: I have been really busy, which is why I didn’t even post anything in March, despite wanting to at least post once a month this year.

In the time since my last post, besides putting in 21.6 hours in Helldivers 2 (and perhaps quite a few more hours of Fortnite, which I just can’t quit), I’ve also travelled across multiple states and brought home a new dog Andy (about whom a future post must be dedicated, as well as a recounting of the journey)! We’ve taken a few other trips, we’ve picked up a camper trailer and a vehicle to pull it, and done myriad other things - if you’ve read any of the previous weekly “saturday posts”, you’ll know that we stay pretty busy.

If you look at my most recent post you’ll see that it’s still marked as a work-in-progress (as of this writing anyway, maybe I’ll actually finish it 😅).

Helldivers 2

Instead of posting, or doing other important things, I’ve been playing a fair bit of Helldivers 2 and found it to be just an excellent game. The theme, however, is actually tricky to get pulled into given that it’s just so dark:

helldivers satire

You play as the baddies. The whole IP is super icky.

The gameplay is spectacular, however. The gun play is nuanced and super fun, the enemies are challenging and strategies for the (currently) two enemy factions pleasingly varied, the missions are fairly interesting and varied(-ish) and the loop is plain fun.

There are definitely things about the game I don’t love: the multiple in-game currencies and many upgrade trees are a bit frustrating to juggle, the progression feels a touch slow to me (but admittedly I’ve not played that much yet).

Also, there are a fair number of bugs and not the Starship Troppers-esque “Terminids”. they can be pretty frustrating.

But overall it’s a ton of fun, especially with a group of friends. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to play a fair number of missions with a higher level friend and colleague and a few other pals. Your general PUG experience ranges from not-too-terrible to outright-stellar, however, at least in my experience, and generally more often postive than not.

I wish I had more time to play (and write), but for now I’m excited to keep this one on rotation. I hope they manage to maintain good momentum with this universe. I absolutely enjoyed the original Helldivers and see a lot of potential for this installment.

Everything Else

It’s actually pretty late and I’m really just going to have to put a pin in it.

Perhaps I’ll make some time to put down a few more words sooner rather than later, but for now please accept my deepest apologies as I just don’t have time to over-share right now.

Catch you later.