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2023 - Week 9 - A Week Lost to COVID

Posted on:March 5, 2023 at 04:15 AM

Unsplash image showing CORONAVIRUS spelled out with letter tiles or dice

After 3 years the inevitable has occurred: we’ve had COVID tear through our home officially.

I think there was a small bout of COVID that Oz brought home from the playground or the rec center that I escaped, though at the time we didn’t have rapid tests.

This tone, however, it started with me. My first symptoms appeared late Saturday and by Sunday I was down for the count. Monday I skipped work and rescheduled my chiropractic appointment for Friday after a negative test on Sunday. Monday, however, Lou tested positive and then I did the same.

Most of this week has been a blur of brain fog, body aches, and a stuffy-headed runny-nosed congestion.

Having a puppy while fighting COVID sucks.

This little guy has been a champ But this is nothing like how we expected new puppy time would go. I thought we’d be healthy, as we’d been, I thought we’d be able to focus on training.

Instead we spent the vast majority of the the week resting and and recuperating.

I’m still feeling exhausted.

In other news, the final birthday of this season’s Birthmasmageddon has come to pass with Tris turning 23 years old. I’m so proud of that kid: she’s got her work up at Yoroshiku in Seattle 🤩(