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2023 - Week 42 - Still Not the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything

Posted on:October 22, 2023 at 12:40 AM

Still Not the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything

This week has seen me doing more reflection, more introspecting, more contemplation, and more consideration.

“Who the hell do I think I am?” I keep thinking to myself, occasionally even asking out loud.

There’s still no definitive answer to that one in my mind.

It’s complicated.

But I have some idea.

I am Eph Baum. Who the hell are you?


It was no Waffle Day. Liz and I had Dunford Doughnut’s that she’d picked out and hung out in the morning.

We cooked lunch together, she and I. At first we were going to make a pasta with vodka sauce but at the last minute Liz decided to use the pesto sauce that I’d grabbed. It turned out, however, that I’d actually grabbed a pesto with cashew. Liz has a bit of an allergy to cashews. I do as well, but didn’t have any issues. Liz noticed immediately and we decided to throw it away and pivoted to a cheddar broccoli soup instead. It was, however, a beautiful pasta with sautéed vegetables, and I was a little bummed that it didn’t work out. IT was a still a nice experience, however.

Lou came over and we watched the last episode of Only Murders Murders in the Building (S3E10). It was a good episode and the cliffhanger tease of the 4th season is fun. I’m excited for the shot to come back.

I spent the rest of the afternoon into the evening listening to some podcasts, blogging, journaling, watching movies, and reflecting (such as motioned in the preamble above).

In the evening Liz texted about the necessity of a Meta Quest 3 to her living conditions. She laid out a compelling argument.

I took a long walk around Bremerton at night with Ollie. I needed a little time out and about. I love this town. It’s so quirky and strange.


Monday was relatively uneventful, for the most part.

Momo came over and I made French toast and extra crispy hashbrowns for dinner.


Nothing worth blogging about happened on Tuesday, probably.


Liz’s Quest 3 arrived. So did Liz. We got it all set up and, ultimately I had some thoughts about it.

In the evening I decided to go to Ashley’s Pub for a bit with Ollie as an experiment to try socializing him (and I) a bit. A pinball tournament was in progress and, despite the noise and stimulation, he did a pretty good job for a 10 month old terrorier. Everyone, of course, loves this dog. It was nice to get out for a little bit and I think I’ll return for more social interaction from time to time.


Not much to talk about for a Thursday.

I met a couple of neighbors.

I put in a few miles at Illahee

We ordered from Gyro Star for dinner because it just sounded tasty.


It was definitely the right time for the week to end. It was a long week.

I made a bit more progress in The Quarry.

Liz and I did some bonding over VR. We tried to play Phasmaphobia together in VR but that game is just so terrible.

I consumed some media: read some blogs, ran movies, etc.

I blogged about Bremerton’s supposed cryptid Shrimpy.

Saturday, Today

Today I took Liz on a little adventure up to Port Townsend for a bit.

We’ve been to Port Townsend a couple times since we moved here, but have only ever visited and explored Fort Worden, so this trip we wanted to see what else this lovely town has to offer.

I’ve been eager to get back up there for a while as I’ve since read about Murray Morgan’s Last Wilderness which features some excellent history about the town.

We started our adventure in the morning with a stop at Larry & Kristi’s Bakery in Manette. I’m always a little surprised when I realize that I’ve been here for 3 years and haven’t yet patronized a local business, especially a bakery. To be fair, though, that’s because I generally go to Saboteur as they’re just so darn tasty. Liz and I got fritters, which were delicious. I got a turnover that was not much like I expected, not flakey like I was expecting. It was, however, tasty. I’m sure this won’t be our last visit.

We drove up and across the Hood Canal Bridge and then up highways 19 through Chimacum to 20 and into town. Our goal was to do a little exploring around town. The first thing that caught our eye was the Jefferson County Courthouse, so we stopped there. We found being observed by first one deer, and soon by many deer. There were a lot of deer wandering around town.

From the courthouse there we decided to checkout Manresa Castle and followed that up with a visit to the Port Townsend Public Library, a Carnegie Library that I’d been wanting to see. It’s an absolutely gorgeous building.

The library is in the uptown area and near the Port Townsend Farmer’s Market so we decided to walk there. We almost made it but first had to duck into the beautiful Aldrich’s building. We walked around the beautiful market and I absolutely fell in love with the place. After a quick stop upstairs at the bookshop (where Liz really wanted the first book of the Southern Reach series by Jeff VanderMeer: Annihilation - which I got on the bookseller’s recommendation and my own positive experience reading Borne).

Finally we went across to the Farmer’s Market. But this time Liz and I were both pretty hungry and immediately we found that Chef Wyatt’s stand caught our eye. We ordered sashimi and I waited for him to prepare it fresh for us. While I waited he invited some of us to try his inari and ultimately I ended up also ordering some of that as it was absolutely delicious. The rest of the market was amazing, it was a fabulous experience.

After the market and eating our delicious lunch, we went downtown for a bit. We checked out a few shops and walked around for a little while before we had to head home. We decided that we’ll need to make a few more trips to get the full experience. Port Townsend is a wonderful place to visit and I’m excited to go back soon. I’m only a little sorry we hadn’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing its shops and restaurants before now.

Now I’m writing this post and I’m not entirely sure how I’ll spend the rest of this evening, though I have a few ideas. Dinner will be a must, but beyond that my unending list has plenty of items to check off and, of course a wide array of things to do to entertain myself.

For now, however, that’s it for me for this week.

I’m still honoring my commitment to this weekly post, and even trying to add more as I have time.

I have a huge backlog of things I want to touch on, so it should be trivial to add more content to this blog.



P.S - Horror Movie Month for Week 42: