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2023 - Week 31 - The More Things Change

Posted on:August 5, 2023 at 11:53 PM

Content Warning, the preamble is heavy this week w/ Climate Dread. If that bothers you, you want to skip to the first header

Change is inevitable, it is constant. Change is all there is.

Most people I know seem to try to hold firmly to certain constants, such as their collections, their jobs, their partners, their beliefs, their hopes, their health. Often we want to control what things change, or try to reduce the change in some fashion, to maintain something’s state, so to speak.

Recently someone shared a video on YouTube, which I have not taken the time to watch- but I did read the linked article to which the video refers and found it interesting and had me thinking speculatively about the idea of geoengineering and how frightening the idea of trying to pull the “knobs and levers” of our fragile space terrarium, if I make my meaning plain.

The idea that we are in more trouble than we thought because we’d essentially been geoengineering our oceans’ temps due to using high sulfur fuels and creating by seeding ship track clouds with SO2, despite the acidification and health impacts and spreading those particles in the air around the world isn’t great. We should, however, breath a sigh of relief that we seem to have globally, finally, eliminated the last major man-made source of SO2 pollution after all this time.

We should also see the silver lining that we can seed clouds and cover the oceans and, what, buy ourselves some time?

It seems that we could conclude based on the sudden shifts in data that something incredible has occurred, the temps of the oceans suddenly shot up, but lo, we already have a solution: cloud seeding on these existing routes

It’s simple, it’s easy

It’s without risks?

Where do you draw the line, and what’s the strategy going forward when we’ve already overshot our line in the sand as a global people and are seemingly hurtling out of control into a climate disaster?

It’s enough to trigger some real existential thoughts, for me anyway.

Of course this is all just change, bringing it back to the point with which I began

The question is, how do you change for the better?

When the problem seems truly systemic, and the solutions seem to exist a scale well beyond you, what do you do?

What are you doing now?

(Besides reading this blog, that is)


I’m changing what I can and accepting what I can’t change

But I’m always thinking about what more I can do, as an individual

All we can really do is embrace change.

Perhaps this is too heavy a topic for a weekly blog post 🤷

It’s Been a Busy Week

It as been another busy week for us, though this time for somewhat different reasons than the usual hustle and bustle of our family and its usual comings and goings

This week saw Lou spending a lot of her time hosting her other sister and Mother who both arrived this week to visit the newest member of the family to have moved here now.

It was a week filled with a lot of activity, as you might imagine related to family arriving in town and getting someone settled after a significant cross country move.

There have been multiple round trips to SEATAC, adventures across Kitsap County including a day in Poulsbo and a trip up to Foulweather Bluff

I, however, worked. And took care of Ollie.

And I got a long overdue haircut in an attempt to be somewhat presentable for a forthcoming work trip.

And that’s about it, really.

Mutant Mayhem

However, despite there being a lot of activity and maybe a bit of drama, we’re not letting that stop us from enjoying the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem film that released this week, so tonight we will go to the theater!

My inner-child is buzzing with excitement. The art style, extremely stylized and vibrant, looks so good. It’s like a treat for your eyes. The casting, the writing, the entire production appears to have been filled with folks that show real love the the Turtles.

I’m not getting my hopes up too high, I know it can’t be perfect. I’m maintaining a healthy skepticism that I hope protects me from the inevitable fart jokes and other nonsense.

But the Ninja Turtles hold a special place in my heart and I’m really hopeful this is a good movie. I loved the OG cartoon when I got to watch it on TV as it aired as a kid, but I was always a little sad at just how campy it truly was compared to what I knew to be a bit more serious comic book.

I’ve come to enjoy most of the different styles that have been used to bring these brothers to life.

I hold the 2012 Nickelodeon series in high regard, its style was fantastic.

I could wax on, but what’s the point, you get it: I like turtles

I think this is enough content for this particular Saturday to feel as though I’ve fulfilled my commitment to myself on yet another Saturday post. 😌