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2023 - Week 3 - Another Week (WIP)

Posted on:January 21, 2023 at 12:00 PM

We’re now through the third week of 2023. The market continues to fluctuate, COVID continues rage, wealth inequality remains rampart, society is polarized, and the planet continues to burn. The news is asking where millions of missing American workers have gone. Meanwhile, tech and media layoffs continue, which has reflecting on my own role and value.

Meanwhile Lou continues to create beautiful things:

And this weekend is her birthday!

I continue to create nothing. I have managed to continue to suck at Fortnite, however. I have all these ideas, but I’m not doing a great job of actually doing anything with, or about, them- yet.

However, I did decide now that I want to get a dog. Of course, Ozzie remains allergic to dogs but the last few times they’ve been exposed hasn’t been too bad. The hope, however, is that we can find a companion that won’t cause them to break out completely. The top contender right now is the American Hairless Terrier

I was able to get out for a real hike this week.

It continues to blow my mind how important hiking meditation is to my well being. The moments of clarity I get to experience are crucial.

It also continues to blow my mind just how early the sun goes down this time of year.

Oz continues to enjoy their acting class.

I continue to feel like I need to take a little more time to work on these posts as I also definitely now feel a sort of commitment to doing completing them weekly.

Three weeks into 2023 and things are fine but I’m not progressing on goals as quickly as I would like. I think the primary reason for that is that I still haven’t truly defined my goals for this year, I don’t yet have an actionable list of todo items. I continue to consider and reflect, but eventually, I know, I must begin making progress on something.

Not that writing about it here on this blog is going to do much to hold me accountable…