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2023 - Week 28 - Still Summer

Posted on:July 15, 2023 at 08:09 PM

Ollie Nose Boopin' at Newberry on a Hike

Just as every other week I’ve shared here on this blog, this week follows suit, unfolding much the same. Some things happened.

Admittedly, there aren’t many updates this week. Our days have been chock-full yet, nothing particularly noteworthy jumps out. There’s no need to provide a day-by-day breakdown.

In last week’s post, I shared the saga of my car’s impromptu weekend stay at the service center for an oil change and a surprise coolant leak. As I’d explained this unforeseen occurrence prompted us to finally take the leap and invest in that second vehicle we’ve been considering.

I was reunited with my car on Monday only for it to throw a check engine code the very next day. Initially, the rep at MaxRPM tried to assure me the code was unrelated to their repairs, but common sense prevailed. Surely, the timing of the car throwing a code for the first time right after the recent engine work was a little too coincidental. They took the car back for a day, and thankfully, only charged me for the hose and sensor assembly they replaced, sparing me the labor costs.

In the meantime, Lou has been relishing her newfound freedom, putting the loaner car we got from Peninsula Subaru to good use throughout the week. The Outback seems to suit her quite well.

We proudly took ownership of our “new” Outback on Friday. A bit older and slightly more miles on the odometer than the loaner we had, but its throttle seems more sprightly. The features are pretty comparable to our loaner, and all in all, we’re satisfied. Sure, the detailing wasn’t as meticulous as promised by our salesperson, and yes, I paid a tad more than I would like for a car with quite a few miles, courtesy of the turbulent car market and the slightly more premium price tag that Subaru’s command. But we needed a second car, particularly as Lou is progressively making her mark in the community.

Speaking of which, Lou has been immersing herself in various local organizations, forging connections and making strides to effect change in Bremerton & Kitsap County. It fills me with immense joy to see her take initiative and express such enthusiasm for her endeavors. I’m very excited to see her volunteering with the American Red Cross.

I find myself pondering my next career move. My job isn’t entirely unsatisfying, yet I yearn for a role that brings me a greater sense of achievement and purpose. I want my work to make a difference, and I’m not quite feeling that in my current position. That’s partly why I’ve begun the process of launching another business. I’m working on transforming it into something meaningful that brings me a heightened sense of well-being.

Speaking of well-being, nothing does it better than spending time outdoors. As an enthusiast of the natural world, I’m continually seeking fresh ways to be one with nature. I am an outsider.

Speaking of outside, this Thursday’s hike was graced by Mikey’s company. We clocked in five miles at Newberry Hill Heritage Park. I’m perpetually in awe of, and grateful for the easy access to, such stunning green spaces near our home.

Oz, on the other hand, has been practicing the guitar lately. It makes me happy to see them doing something that doesn’t involve a glowing rectangle.

That about wraps up my weekly update here.

I have a mountain of thoughts to share, and my drafts folder seems to grow exponentially each week. Given that our vacation next week is slated to be more laid-back, perhaps I’ll set aside some time to delve into a few of them.

The anticipation for our beach vacation is building. We can’t wait to hit the road, meandering up and around the Olympic Peninsula, finally fulfilling a long-held desire to drive all the way around the mountains, and I think on our return trip we’ll be coming back around to close the last ~25% of the loop. Stay tuned for next Saturday’s post where I’m sure to spill the details of our adventure! I am, in a word, thrilled!

Until then, happy trails!