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2023 - Week 2 - Ramping Up, Doing Stuff (WIP)

Posted on:January 15, 2023 at 06:30 AM

A blurry image of The Brothers

What a week it has been.

Lou has been working hard on a variety of projects. I’m continually impressed with all the different things she has on the hook at any given time. She’s creating new patterns crocheted for me a hat (and one for herself as well). She’s been doing research. It’s impressive.

I had my first hike of 2023 on Monday after meeting with my new therapist. It poured rain and I learned some things about my rain gear. I only put in a couple miles, but I did it and it was wonderful. I have more to say on this but not I don’t this is post is not the post for that.

I ordered a new washer/dryer combo unit, but will need to reschedule the delivery as we need to remove the banister from the stairs so the old washer and dryer can come out and the new washer and dryer can go in. It’s a whole ordeal. I don’t really want to talk about it any more.

Oz has started with a new acting class and is very excited. It was well recommended on the social media. Having spoken to another parent after dropping them off and getting nothing but rave reviews, so it sounds like a good opportunity.

I have apparently agreed to be take part in playing Infinity with some work chums. I’m told we’ll utilize theater of the mind rather than the traditional miniatures. I feel wholly unprepared, but rather excited and simply hope I don’t drag the campaign down. I still haven’t named my character, but the DM gave me a cool back story. Perhaps I’ll speak on it further in the future.

I’m trying to make new friends. Particularly some that are geographically nearby. To that end I’m trying to engage more via social media. I’m also awkward and don’t really know how anything works, including friendship and social media. I don’t even know how to determine how well it’s going except that people occasionally respond to me and that’s neat.

While Oz was off at a sleepover with their oldest sibling on the other side of the Sound in Seattle, Lou and I took a hike around our little town. It turned into snacking across Bremerton as we kept finding treats and delicious things to eat. We wound up getting incredible views of the dramatic clouds wrapping themselves around mountains, both the Olympics and the Cascades. The Brothers from next to the Norm Dicks Government Building looked so dramatic, this is the header image to this post. We stopped at a few shops, waved back to Mayor Wheeler in his purpleish suit as he walked down 4th Street, and generally had a lovely January afternoon with the mercury topping out over 50°.

As a side note, I can’t help but see this man in this suit and not think of Mayor McCheese:

Mayor Wheeler and Mayor McCheese side-by-side - but in a totally-not-meant-to-be-insulting-way

I’m not sure I’ll be able to do 52 of these weekly updates for 2023 but I think I should try.

I’m not posting this as a finished article, and I didn’t finish last week, but maybe I should try to do this consistently? It feels like a bit like a journal, but perhaps I’ll find my voice in it as I go?

It’s late already so perhaps I’ll find time throughout the rest of this long weekend to touch things up, add links, and perhaps even some media… 🤞