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2023 - Week 12 - Miles Apart

Posted on:March 26, 2023 at 06:59 AM

The last week has been somehow simultaneously eventful and seemingly quiet as well. As I type these words this evening Ollie has been showing me the new trick he’s learned where he has discovered he can crawl under the couch through to the other side.

He has taken to doing exactly that quite frequently. Living with a puppy is never boring, that’s for sure.

Sunday saw us relaxing in the morning. Lou ordered some groceries and we put them away in the when they arrived shortly therafter. We spent some time watching Loot on Apple TV+  and found it entertaining (so much so that we got back to watching it a few times throughout the week). I don’t dislike Maya Rudolph, but I’m not exactly a fan and really didn’t think I would care for something in which she played the leading role, but this show kind of works and she really works in it.

Sunday saw us taking Ollie to another park and running around. He’s really getting the commands down for “wait” and “okay” whenever we reach a crosswalk, which is fun. Every time I use the “okay” release and he begins to bound across the street, it’s strangely gratifying. He’s really enjoying going to parks and getting to run around (on his longer lead). It’s super fun and everyone loves this little dog.

Sunday I also managed to also check off a few TODOs from my list that I’d been dragging my feet on for a while, which was a welcome dopamine hit.

Monday was busy, had to drop Momo at work and then took her car up to her after it was done at the repair shop.

Tuesday saw me checking off more TODOs, including committing to insurance for Ollie. Unfortunately, while I was on that call I got the distressing news that a cousin had passed away from a stroke. They would have been 58 this month.

I microblogged about it in the Fediverse:

Wednesday’s high temperature was in the mid-60’s and it was tremendously difficult to walk home during our afternoon constitutional. Thursday felt incredibly cold by contrast with highs in the 40’s. Though it has been feeling warmer as the week continues on. Feels like “Spring” is really just around the corner, considering we began the week with the first day of spring.

Thursday I skipped my Thursday Hike this week and I’m feeling that loss of that mindfulness. I have no real excuse for it, I simply forgot. I prioritized other stuff, I lost focus of my goals.

It got me thinking about my lack proper utilization of IRL TODO lists lately. I’m scattered, and it’s showing. There’s a resistance, however, that I’m not quite understanding. It’s definitely something for me to reflect upon.

Lou, on the other hand, has this week knocked a bunch of tasks out as she continues her quest toward taming the mess of the house. She’s been adding storage and organizational tools all over the place and it seems coming together well.

I feel very busy lately, as though I’m always on the verge of overwhelmed and it’s rather unpleasant. Of course, rationally, I know that I’m fine and all will be well, but I’m looking at all the upcoming events on the calendar, all the various goals and targets, and I’m forever wondering how to get through  it all. 😅

Meanwhile, Lou is in Wenatchee, WA this weekend for a conference through the Washington State Department of Children Youth and Families for the Strengthen Families Locally program. She left Friday morning with a friend (and colleague) and they made the journey across the state to the other side of the Cascades. It looks like and interesting place to visit for sure and is on my list of places to see. I want to go through Cle Elum and would like to get into Leavenworth as well (who am I kidding, I want to see it all 😂), so I’m a little jealous, but I’m hopeful this means she’ll know where we should definitely see and avoid when we inevitably adventure our way through town.

This means, however, that I’m alone with the puppy and the kiddos. I feel much more outnumbered than usual 😅

My Friday night puppy walking adventures might make a good comic, if I could draw a webcomic, that is. I think a two parter would work well:

Panel 1: Man drags Ollie along the sidewalk in a light rain, more of a drizzle really, as Ollie clearly doesn’t want to be out despite being dressed in both warm pajamas and a waterproof puppy coat

Panel 2: Close up of Ollie refusing to walk, hunkered down against leash, eyes pleading, forehead wrinkled and brow furrowed

Panel 3: Man picks up Ollie and groans: walks further up the street. Text reads: To Be Continued


Panel 1: Man sets Ollie down on new grass, says, “Fine let’s head home”

Panel 2: Ollie squats like he’s gonna poo

Panel 3: A distinct lack of poo is indicated but Ollie stares up at man being adorable as always

Today has been a pretty solid Saturday all things considered. We had some papa/kiddo bonding time. Oz and I took Ollie for a walk, both of whom have been behaving themselves rather well. I managed to grab some doughnuts from American Doughnuts Makers - I like a lot of their flavors. I think they have some kinks to work out. The apple fritter I had today was, for example, just seemed a bit too much cinnamon. Still, doughnuts are delicious

I’m falling asleep, it has been a long day. Despite dropping the ball on my hiking commitment this week, I wanted to at least meet this demand of myself